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We have written Visa Business Plans, required by US immigration authorities, for L1 work visas, E2 investor visas, EB5 visas, H1B visas or E1 business visas for over 10 years.

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Why Are Our Services Needed For Your Visa Application?

If you are in the process of applying for a business visa, such as an E2 investor visa or an L1-A or L1-B work permit, E1 visa, H1B visa, EB5 Direct Investment visa, business visas or immigrant visa, E2 to EB5 conversion, you need to provide immigration authorities with a Business Plan for the next two to five years, including projected expenses and profits. This business plan must emphasize the key criteria that will qualify you and the business before the immigration authorities in order to meet all visa requirements.The business plan is one of the most, if not the most, important part of your visa application and therefore its significance should note be underestimated. (Testimonials)

While your business immigration lawyer prepares your application, the business plan requirement can be challenging for a foreign entrepreneur, who has all it takes to run their business successfully in the U.S. but lacks the language skills, financial skills, or simply the time to complete a business plan. Doing a proper business plan is a time intensive process.Click here for a quick presentation of our company.

What Do We Offer?

We offer a first class immigration business plan writing service which will have your Business Plan professionally crafted by a team of experts in anytime between 48 hours and 5 weeks depending on your visa type. We are committed to delivering high quality business plans with short turnaround times at affordable prices. Our experience in a variety of industries allows us to excel in writing a wide range of business plans and to understand virtually any business model. This is paired with our understanding of immigration law, which sets us apart from accountants and other business plan writers. In addition, the number of business immigration cases we receive is comparable in volume to what US law firms handle on a yearly basis.

Got A Request For Further Evidence (RFE) For Your L1-A or EB5 I-526 Application? We Can Help

In the event that a visa application or visa renewal is rejected by US immigration authorities, our business plan services prove to be instrumental in helping our clients strengthen their cases and validate their applications. We also collaborate with clients on the marketing and financial details of their plans so that they may emerge with a deeper understanding of their future businesses, enabling them to better defend their cases during their interview at the embassy.

We have created nearly 800 immigration business plans for visa applicants, with a 96% success rate. Our company is continually praised for our high quality standards and in-depth expertise.

What Types of Visas Do We Cover?

Overall, we have completed any immigration business plan you can imagine:

  •  E2 Business Plan for first time application
  •  E2 Renewal Business Plan
  •  E2 Business Plan in response to an RFE. The case was denied. We were hired subsequently to respond to USCIS 
  •  E2 Business Plan for key employee
  •  L1 Business Plan for first time application
  •  L1 Renewal Business Plan
  •  L1 Business Plan in response to an RFE. The case was denied. We were hired subsequently to respond to USCIS.
  •  E1 Business Plan
  •  EB5 Direct Investment Business Plan
  •  EB5 Direct Investment Business Plan in response to an RFE. The case was denied. We were hired subsequently to respond to USCIS.
  •  O1 Business Plan
  •  H1B Business Plan
  •  H1B Business Plan in response to an RFE
  •  E3 Business Plan
  •  EB1 Business Plan
Experience l Professionalism l Results
Nearly 800 immigration business plans completed
Immigration business plan expertise since 2004
10 years of experience in the field of business sales
Advised thousands of clients on business sales and market entry 
Feedback from some of our clients

Excellent work. This was an intricate case. Your company was up to the challenge.

Frantz Lallement & Laur-Wenz Lallement
La Boite A Pizza
Esthetic Center
Frantz Lallement International, LLC



I want to thank you for the immigration business plan. It is indeed very different from the previous one done by the accountant. I appreciate a lot all your hard work .

Simona Bacisor, Simona Bacisor LLC



We acknowledge receipt of the business plan today. And we want to take the time to thank you and tell you that has done an impressive work. If we come across someone looking for a company reliable and  professional to do their immigration business plan, rest assure we will recommend your company.

 Gilles Legros, Sunflow, LLC 


Praise on you! The work performed was outstanding. I will recommend to my friends.  

Thanks again.

Steve Halimi, Halimi Corp


  The Business plan was very well done and we thank you very much.

  Ryan and Suzanne Marchan, Marchan's Inc


Je tiens à vous remercier vous et vos collaborateurs. J'ai en effet été tres satisfaite du travail réaliser par votre société dans le cadre de mon business plan. Le dossier était complet et comprehensible ce qui m'a permis d'obtenir un visa investisseur d'une durée de 3 ans sans difficultées.
Aurélie Chalençon, TLC Perfume 



Je viens de terminer la lecture du business plan. C'est vraiment un beau dossier. Je vous remercie pour la magnifique redaction.


Guillaume Benezech, JGFP Franck Provost


Thanks for your level of professionalism and particularly the additional time and resources you put in our business plan to ensure that our visa application review by the USCIS runs smoothly.

Jean-Claude Halimi, Appearance LLC



You have produced an excellent work in just 3 days. You really saved the day.


 Best regards,


 Alessandra Burattini, Saray USA, LLC



I just arrived from Europe and would like to thank you very much for your job.I got a refusal for the renewal of my L1. You business plan proved to the immigration that my company has a tangible activity and a clear development strategy. I couldn't have got this L1 renewed without your work. I cannot thank you enough.


 Best regards,


 Wilson R. Barroso, CEO & Founder of JWB of America




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